Ronald Larson

CHRISTIAN UNITED FORUM is a community which makes us realize and understand the power of Christian unity. The Bible is filled with testimonies and stories of great wonders. You name it the Bible discusses it all. Bond with other Christians in the same situations who are seeking Christ in today’s world. God is present, he is in us and works miracles every moment. CHRISTIAN UNITED FORUM is dedicated to unite Christians so that others may learn of the grace, and glory of God.

Jason Nagell

God showed me that being a “Christian” isn’t about just doing good works. He made it clear that I do not have to earn my salvation or His love (Eph. 2:8-9). He has given me fulfillment and purpose and joy. I am not perfect and I still mess up, but God loves me despite my flaws and imperfections. And when the things I was pursuing before continually let me down, God has never once left me. He has shown Himself to me in His Word, the Bible, in (verse of scripture). God loved me even at my lowest point and He rescued me from myself and eternal separation from Him.I really appreciate the efforts of CHRISTIAN UNITED FORUM to unite all the CHRISTIANS.